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Condo Rental by Owner - St. Maarten, Caribbean

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to some commonly asked questions.

  1. Is the water safe to drink?
    • Yes, the water is safe to drink.  We use it to make ice cubes and brush our teeth, but we drink bottled water as we prefer the taste.
  2. Do I need to bring a converter for electrical appliances?
    • The voltage on the Dutch side is the same as that in North America so if you are coming from the US or Canada you don't need a converter.
  3. Is the unit air conditioned?
    • Yes, there is air conditioning throughout the unit.  There is a separate unit for the living room and another for the bedroom so you can control the temperature in each area.
  4. Is there Internet access in the unit?
    • Yes, there is free high speed wifi connection in the unit.
  5. Is there a phone provided in the unit?
    • Yes, there is a prepaid cell phone left for your use. You simply need to purchase minutes as required. The phone number will be provided once your reservation is confirmed.
  6. Is there a hair dryer in the unit?
    • Yes, there is a hair dryer in the bathroom under the sink.
  7. Is there a safe in the unit?
    • Yes, there is a wall safe in the unit.

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